Top 3 accounting software for online businesses

1.ZOHO books

ZOHO books provide very useful features for online businesses. You can link your Paypal account to ZOHO books so that every time you get paid by Paypal it is going to be reflected in your bookkeeping automatically. All the ZOHO plans accept invoices in multiple currencies. You can also manually import your STRIPE payment in a CSV file. The ZOHO books application has a mobile phone app. for Android and iPhone. It is possible to send an invoice by email and get paid by Paypal or Stripe. The ZOHO books application does not include a payroll module. Thus, the ZOHO books suit freelancers who don’t expect to hire employees. The ZOHO books software is available in the UK, Canada, USA, Sweden, France and Australia.


XERO also allows you to link your Paypal account to your bookkeeping. The Paypal payments are sent to the XERO bookkeeping. Unlike ZOHO, multi-currency isn’t included in the entry-level plans of XERO. It is also possible to send invoices by email and get paid from your sent invoice by Paypal or Stripe. XERO includes a payroll module. XERO is more for startups who expect to hire employees at some point. XERO is only available in English.

3. Quickbooks

like XERO and ZOHO, it is possible to link your Paypal account as it would be a bank account. Then, the Quickbooks plans accept invoices with multiple currencies. The entry-level QuickBooks plan does not accept bills management (especially bills that are going to be paid in the future). Nevertheless, it is possible to record already paid expenses in the system. Quickbooks does not include a payroll module. The Quickbooks accounting software has a big price gap between the entry-level that does not include bills management ($15/month) and the plan that includes bills management ($35). Quickbooks is multilingual.

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