Review of the Zoho accounting software (Zoho books)

Reports for accounting compliance

Zoho provides Balance sheet and Profit and loss report in compliance with IFRS, the International Financial Reporting Standards so that you can use it to report your financial statement to your tax authorities in most of the countries. Zoho can be used in the UK, USA, Canada, France, Australia, Sweden, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, India.

User interface

Zoho books website is always fast and it is priceless when you want to type invoices. It is also simple to use. I didn’t need to go to the user manual to understand how Zoho was working. Nevertheless, I would encourage to read the user manual to find ways to work faster.


  • Item: You can enter your services and goods under “item”. It can be very useless to have an overview of your services.
  • Bank feed: You can connect your bank and download your bank statement automatically. Note that if you can’t download every transaction it is not because of Zoho but it is because of the bank website that does not provide many transactions. You also enter bank transactions manually or by uploading a bank statement file like a CSV, XLS.
  • Sales: You can generate quotes (estimates), create invoices, enter a received payment, a recurring invoice with email integration and credit notes.
  • Purchases: Zoho includes options to include expenses, recurring expenses, bills, payment made, recurring bills and vendor credits.
  • Accountant: There is a journal option to enter a manual transaction with debits and credits. The main user can also have a direct access to currency adjustment, Chart of accounts to add an account and transaction locking.

Payment gateway integration

The Zoho books accounting software allows you to import payment lists from STRIPE, Paypal, Wepay,, 2checkout, Worldpay, Razorpay, Forte, Braintree into your bookkeeping without buying any 3rd party applications. Click here If you are looking for more information about the payment gateway integration at Zoho. One of the most interesting feature I have noticed that was the Paypal Import of transactions in different currencies. Imagine you sell a product via Paypal in USD and EURO and in Zoho books you get a USD and EURO paypal accounts that are synchronized with the Paypal merchant account !!! Accountant heaven.


The online accounting software “Zoho books” is one of the best online accounting software I have reviewed. The price/quality ratio is very good compared to other online applications. I am originally a SAP Finance certified consultant and to me, “Zoho books” is the dream online software account for those who don’t want to waste their time in entering data. There are so many features in Zoho so that you will never get stuck in your bookkeeping, you will always find a way to enter complicated financial transactions like assets value, assets depreciation manually, manual journal.

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