Review of N26 bank for a personal euro bank account

The most important points about N26 bank:

  • A registered German bank
  • Personal German IBAN code
  • SEPA transfers from and to Europe
  • Mastercard with high limits
  • Accepts business bank account

Click here to open a bank account at N26

Access conditions

In order to open a N26 bank account, you must be at least 18 years old. You must possess a compatible android or IOS smartphone. N26 allows you to open a euro bank account online regardless of income thanks to a 2-way audio and video chat if you live in the following countries: Germany, Austria, Ireland, France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Luxemburg, Slovenia, Estonia, Greece, Slovakia

Account opening

I do advise you to use headphones and choose a room that is enlightened and quiet during the verification process. You will be asked to answer several questions through your smartphone using an application from the verification company IDnow. You must have your ID close at end.

Review of using N26

The N26 support is available through a live chat app which is online during German office hours. It works pretty well. Then, you can also use an email address. They answer in maximum 24 hours. N26 is good for online businesses because they don’t block SEPA transfers within Europe. They now provide a savings account which requires a 2000 euros minimum deposit. The MasterCard has high limits and you can block it from the N26 mobile application.

You can download the transactions of the bank statement in a CSV file or a PDF file. We transferred money to and from N26 and it was fast using the SEPA transfer. (1-2 days). It took 9 days to receive the MasterCard. I advise you to order the MasterCard by express courier. After receiving the mastercard we activated it online, we chose our customized pin for the mastercard. Then, we purchased stuff online and it worked right away.

The website is simple and fast. I transferred 1500 euros to N26 and we didn’t receive any requirements to justify the source of the money.  It is important because many banks are crazy about blocked transfers and asking for the source of money. Less administrative due diligence is a great thing at N26.


N26 is surprisingly safe because it is a licensed German bank.The Deposit Guarantee Act (Einlagensicherungsgesetz) entered into force on 3 July 2015, transposing into German law the harmonized requirements of the amended European Deposit Guarantee Scheme Directive. In case, something goes wrong with the bank, the German government covers your money up to 100,000 euros. It is a European Union directive.


  • Free SEPA transfer in Euro from and to EU and Switzerland
  • Classic Masterczard from N26: Free if you use it at least 9 times in the course of 3 months, otherwise it will be billed 8.70 euros every 3 months.
  • Information concernant le refus justifié de l’exécution d’un
    ordre de prélèvement automatique pour manque de provision: 3 euros
  • Black Mastercard  from N26 (world elite+travel insurance): 5.90 euros per month during 1 year
  • Metal Mastercard from N26 (world elite+travel insurance+ vip app.): 14.90 euros per month during 1 year

Bank transfer and Withdrawal Limits at N26:

  • Transfer from and to a N26 account: 50000 euros daily
  • ATM withdrawal: 2500 euros daily
  • Card payment: 5000 euros per day
  • Spendings and withdrawal limits: 20000 euros per month

Click here to open a bank account at N26

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  1. Just wanted to give my experience
    – generally happy!

    – fee for cash deposits
    – customer support is garbage. If something doesn’t fit into their defaults, there is no phone support and no “tier 2” support.
    – I recently transferred a large amount of money to N26. N26 didn’t notify that they received the money for a full week. When I contacted their customer support, they always told me that the problem was the sending bank. Then they sent me a receipt showing they’d received the money a week earlier but their customer support people didn’t have that information. Was a terrifying week, thinking that all my life savings had been lost.

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