Review of Euro pacific bank for an offshore business bank account

Key facts:

  • Licensed in Puerto Rico
  • Not for American and Puerto Rican nationals
  • Multiple currencies per account: Hold funds in USD, EUR, CAD, GBP, AUD, JPY, NZD, CHF and PLN.
  • Online banking
  • Monthly maintenance fee: $30
  • Incoming wire transfer charges: $16 (€12,500-) to $103 (€50,000+)
  • Outgoing wire transfer charges in OUR mode: $50 ($12,500-) to $160 ($50,000+)
  • Card is available in EUR, USD, and GBP

Euro Pacific bank is located in Puerto Rico and it targets foreign people from all over the world who are looking for offshore solutions. Euro Pacific bank also accepts companies that aren’t incorporated in its country, Puerto Rico. Euro Pacific bank accepts to open business bank accounts for offshore jurisdictions like Belize, Panama, BVI, Seychelles.

You don’t need to buy a flight ticket to visit Puerto Rico. Everything can be done online from their website. You can order a business credit card in the currency that you need.

How to use a Euro Pacific business bank account

This bank account can help you to get the royalties linked to assets from a Belizean, a Panamean or Seychelles company. The Euro Pacific business bank account can also help you to possess an account in a neutral jurisdiction when shareholders of a company are from different countries. It can also provide you the tool to trade on different financial markets and invest in precious metals.

Our opinion About Euro Pacific bank

Even if this bank is located in Puerto Rico, it does not make her less serious than Swiss banks. We know this bank since 2011 and it meets its obligations since this time without hassle. Meanwhile, Swiss banks services tremendously dropped since 2011. On top of that, I would like to say that opening a neobank account and depositing a significant amount of money is like to bet a significant amount of money at the local casino.

Click here to visit the Euro pacific bank website

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