vs for merchants – who wins?

Paypal is not as good as stripe.

No redirections:

stripe opens a window on top of your web page without a redirection. On the other hand, the basic PayPal process redirects to a PayPal page to ask for customer details. The process is faster than the Paypal process. a technical failure is more likely to happen during a redirection than on a form that is embedded on the top of the web page. With Stripe, the buyer is less likely to get discouraged and drop the payment. Winner = Stripe

Payment confirmation speed:

I must admit that Paypal was fast compared to other payment gateways. However, Stripe is faster than Paypal because it does not require a page redirection. Winner = Stripe

Who has the simplest website:

It is one of the most important aspects. The PayPal website isn’t intuitive. It takes time to know where you can find settings. the site had a partial makeover but the makeover was useless. Nothing has been made to facilitate the job of Paypal merchants. The website is easier to use than the paypal website. Winner= stripe

The number of required documents:

The Stripe team is clever. They know that they should not ask for a complicated application process to let businesses grow. Payment gateways with a Soviet mind like Paypal or 2checkout require many documents before starting. allows you to start after providing fewer documents than with Paypal or 2checkout. Winner = Stripe

Issues with payment gateway policies:

I know many stories of merchants who have seen their account being closed and disabled by Paypal. It was also my case. Paypal is already full of protections. Now, they attack honest merchants. I remember the story of this French man “Stephane Edouard” from who have seen 50,000 euros frozen by Paypal. I remember the story of Downloadhelper and their Paypal merchant account being blocked by Paypal without warning because it allegedly infringed copyright rules. Now, Downloadhelper uses and they haven’t any issues. Winner = stripe 


As I prepared this comparison, I have discovered that it was time to drop Paypal. So I went to one of my woocommerce settings and I deactivated Paypal. I used Paypal because It is used since a long time so, I was used to Paypal.

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