Ireland company formation review

Benefits of incorporating in Ireland

  • 12,5% corporate tax
  • It is the only English speaking country with the Euro currency in EU
  • No audited accounts for small and medium companies
  • Dublin airport has a preclearance area for the USA.
  • One of the lowest EU ping latency to the USA
  • Advanced rulings possible

Disadvantages of incorporating in Ireland

  • 2 directors or one secretary and one director required. In case, you need a secretary, you will need the secretary signature for opening a bank account and every official paper.
  • If there are no EU directors, it is required to take out a 25,000 euros bond
  • Expensive corporate services (mobile phone, office…)
  • High salary country
  • The customer service of Irish banks is not good but the banks work well.
  • Expensive web hosting compared to Uk, France, Netherlands, Germany
  • 20% Dividend withholding tax for residents (individuals) of countries that don’t have a double taxation treaty with Ireland.

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