France company formation review


  • IT: Good deals for web servers
  • minimum one individual necessary acting as director/shareholder
  • Many double taxation treaties
  • No audit necessary for small companies
  • Company may be owned by foreigners
  • Shareholders may be foreigners


  • 15% corporate tax up to around 38120 euros and then, 28% from 38120 to 500000 euros, 33,33% from 500,000 euros in 2018.
  • Law is not translated into English and it is too complicated to be understood without an attorney
  • Additional taxes on top of corporate tax: CET
  • Overpriced offices in Paris
  • Highest social contribution in Europe in case of employees (64%)
  • Lots of policies and regulations
  • In case of an issue with local labor. Unions may block a business, threaten management.
  • French authorities laxness towards outlawed unions
  • French media sympathy for outlawed unions
  • One of the worst English proficiency in Europe

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