Comparison of incorporating a company in the USA or Europe

Public records:

In Europe, public records are always accessible. In countries, like the UK or France, the director’s public records can be published all over the Internet which can lead to heavy spamming and scams aimed at Directors.

In the USA, some states don’t publish the list of directors & shareholders, that’s the case of Delaware and Virginia. In other words, there is no public records of directors and shareholders in those states.

Entity shape:

In Europe, there is no LLC pass-through as in the USA, all the entities are corporations. In Europe, it is possible to incorporate public & private limited in every jurisdiction. There are also entities for self-employed people with taxes that includes income tax and social contribution.

Local regulations:

In Europe, the corporate acts are different depending on the European country. For instance, Ireland requires that the appointed secretary to be a resident of Ireland.

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